Tuesday, December 9, 2008


This is my cute Grandma Brown. She is incredible, she has so many wonderful talents and attributes. Macy was blessed with the opportunity to share a birthday with her! My Grandma was born on her grandma's birthday and now Macy is born on her great grandma's birthday, it is so fun!
Sean and I had been going back and forth as to whether or not to give her a middle name. We just kept thinking about how a name can really affect the person you will become. So with Macy being born on her Great Grandma's birthday we decided to give her the middle name of Aileen. We had talked about it right before church and we were still a little undecided so I told Sean to surprise me! As he was up there blessing Macy he paused right before he gave her a name. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was going to happen. Next thing I know I hear Macy Aileen Lamb, I was so excited, it just sounded perfect!
My Grandma has always meant so much to me! If Macy can end up with even a few of my Grandma's traits she will be perfect!

The maker of the dress!

This is Shelley who is Sean's sister. She has started a tradition of making all of her nieces blessing dresses. This dress is so incredible. When she brought it over I had to hold back my tears, it is gorgeous! She spent hours and hours making this dress for Macy and she only gets to wear it once, I am now praying for more girls so it can be used again! Thank you so much Shelley I absolutely love it!

Macy's Blessing

We blessed Macy yesterday and had such a great day. As I was looking around my living room full of family after the blessing I realized how truly blessed we are to have so much family so close to us that are so supportive of everything we do. They never miss anything in our lives and are always there for us! Thank you so much, we love you all!
Sean did such a great job blessing Macy, he gave her an awesome blessing! I am so thankful to have the priesthood in our home, it is such a huge blessing to us in our lives!

Fun pictures

Ty has been completely obsessed with super heroes lately. He loves to get them all out and fight them. I have noticed he always gets to be the hero who saves the day and I always have to be the bad guy like Venom or The Joker, I hope this is not his way of saying that I am a bad guy myself!
The other day I went to get in the shower and Ty wanted Macy to stay out with him to watch a show. Next thing I know I come out and find macy handcuffed to a speaker cord with Spiderman laying by her side. Ty said, "don't worry mom, she's fine, she isn't going anywhere!" She seemed perfectly content so I figured there was no harm done!
Ty loves to have his sister here and wanted her to take a bath with him, so we did. She loved it! She loved being in the deep water and being so warm with Ty, needless to say Ty now wants her in the bath with him everyday!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Like sister like brother

One of the things I have loved about having 2 kids is seeing all of the similarities between the two. I love to watch Macy do things which then brings back so many memories of Ty as a baby. When Ty was a baby he refused the whole swaddling idea, he hated his arms constricted at all and he mostly slept with at least one arm sticking straight up in the air. So yesterday when I found Macy sleeping like this I loved it! Only three weeks old and already so much like her brother!

Ty and Macy

I can not believe Macy is almost three weeks old! We have all been having so much fun with her. Ty is so soft and cute with her. Anytime she cries he runs right over to her and says it's ok big brother is here! It is so cute! At her 2 week appointment she had gained nearly a pound and grew 2 inches! She is eating and sleeping great, we are so lucky!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Baby Cousins

Macy is very lucky! She is going to have 4 cousins her same age! Sandi's little boy Brady was born in July, Wendy's little girl Millie was born 5 days before Macy, Marie is pregnant and her baby is due in May, and Kim is pregnant and her baby is due in June! Babies everywhere, it is going to be so much fun!

Happy Halloween

This year for Halloween Ty wanted to be Spiderman, and I must say I got my moneys worth with this costume. I ordered it online about a month ago and he has put it on at least one time a day every since it got here. He loves it! Sean dressed up as Danny Zuko and looked very cute and Macy wore a little cat shirt. Sean's parents ward was having a Halloween carnival and a trunk or treat so we took him over there. He won the billy bob teeth in the fish pond and thought they were the greatest thing ever! He got a lot of candy and had a great night!

Macy has arrived!

Macy is finally here! She was born on October 27, 2008 she was 6 pounds 10 ounces and 18 inches long. She was alot bigger then we thought she was going to be but it is still amazing to me how small they really are! I started having contractions Sunday night and we went to the hospital about 9:00 am Monday morning. I was not making much progress so they were going to send me home but first they sent me to have my amnionic fluid levels checked and they were low so they decided to just start me. They gave me the oxytocin about 12:00 and by 4:03 pm she was here. It was an easy labor and everything went great. Ty is absolutely loving her, he is very gentle and loving with her. My mom came to stay with us from Wednesday to Friday she was such a huge help it was so sad to see her go. Thanks mom! The first picture is Ty's baby picture, Sean seems to think that they look exactly alike I added that to let you be the judge of that! I have so many pictures to post so this will have to do for now I will post a lot more pictures of her later!

Happy Birthday Ty!

I cannot believe Ty is already four! He is such a fun little boy to have at our house. He is so full of energy and life, all boy that never stops for a single second. We love him so much and are so proud of him! There was a football game the day of his birthday so he was so excited that he was able to have his birthday party at bush camp in the trailer. We had both of our families over to the trailer for Spiderman cake and ice cream. Then some of his cousins slept over at the trailer with us and we let them stay up way to late eating candy and watching movies, but it was a celebration so that makes it all ok! Happy Birthday Ty we love you so much!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No baby yet!

Today me and Ty put together this bouncer my parents brought up on their last visit. Ty thought it was very unfair because Macy already had one in her room so he decided that this one was for him. So after we put it together he jumped right in it said he needed a blanket and just sat there unwilling to get out! So we may not have a baby yet but at least Ty is making good use of her new toys!
I have been having to have non stress tests every week for about the last month because she is measuring really small so when I went on Monday and they said my amnionic fluid was only an 8 (which most of the time if it drops below 7 a lot of doctors will induce) I really got my hopes up that at my appointment later that day they would say it is time to induce you! I was wrong! My doctor is out of town so I saw his daughter who is also in his office. She said I was not ready and I would just have to wait until next week and see my regular doctor when he gets back on the 30th. My due date is the 28th so as you can imagine I am not very happy about the situation! I am trying to be patient but the thought of going past my due date is killing me! Any ideas of some great ways to make me go into labor on my own? I am very open to any suggestions!

Painting pumpkins

Last night for family night we painted, or I should say Sean and Ty painted pumpkins! Ty thought it was the greatest thing ever. It is so much fun to see how he is getting so grown up and starting to figure out the fun activities that go along with each holiday. I can not believe he is going to be four in four days! Where has all the time gone!

BYU vs. New Mexico Homecoming

We had another great experience tailgating for the New Mexico game. We had yummy roast with homemade rolls and lots of good treats, salsas, pizza, you name it! Before the homecoming game they always have a parade that goes right past where we camp so we woke up and got all bundled up and went out to watch the parade! Even though it was the very end of the parade route we still managed to collect a lot of candy! The weather was so cold but we still had a lot of fun! Madi and Kayla slept over with us so Ty was entertained the entire time!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Leather Jacket Boys

The other day Sean had mentioned that since him and Ty were motorcycle riding buddies that it was only logical that Ty needed to have a leather riding jacket to match his. After this brief conversation I didn't think any more about it until the next day Sean comes home with the cutest little jacket for Ty. He looked so cute in it so they instantly got their helmets and jackets on and set off on a ride sporting their new jackets! He is such a great dad! He loves to play with Ty and be a kid himself, we are very lucky to have him!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

BYU vs. Wyoming

We all figured the game today would be a complete blowout and sure enough it was! Unlike the UCLA game which was a lot of fun and exciting, this game was rather boring as far as BYU games go! The cousins all once again looked so cute and had so much fun together! This game we had the addition of Lance and Kristy's kids so the clan of kids was larger and more out of control than usual! Sean loves to be able to bring a satellite and watch all the pregame talk the night before the game! It was really cloudy today so he had to spend alot of time in the truck adjusting the satellite to get all the games that they had to see today! Me and Wendy are due just two days apart and have yet to take a picture together, so I had to post this one we took today! As always she looks so cute and you would be hard pressed to find a less attractive picture of me, oh well I just wanted it for memories anyway! The tailgates have gotten so big we love to be able to turn this into a all night and all day adventure and it makes it so fun to have so many people come out and join us! Thanks to everyone who once again helped out so much with everything!


These pictures are from the second tailgate party. We have been having so much fun this year tailgating. I cannot believe we are already half way through the home games, it is quite sad! The first picture is of Ty and Kayla. They both decided to sleep on the kitchen table bed which I thought would be just fine. Come to find out it was much too small for the two of them. Kayla fell off the bed first so I put some pillows down on the floor just in case she did it again. Next thing I know I wake up to find that the two of them had fallen off the bed and were both sound asleep on the pillows on the floor! Ty loves to go bush camping especially since he always has his cousins with them. They have so much fun together and always look so cute in their BYU outfits! By the way the score makes it seems as if this game would have been very boring, but it was actually one of the most exciting games I have been to in a long time!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Little Sahara

Last weekend we went to Little Sahara Sand Dunes. This is only the second time we have gone and both times were so much fun! Ty was on his 4-wheeler every chance he got, driving around as fast as he could all over the dunes, I was very impressed! He has gotten so good on it and he had so much fun. The first day we were there my dad kept talking about a surprise he had for us, and next thing we know he comes strutting out of his trailer with his motorcycle racing outfit on. He looked so cute, but at the same time we could not stop laughing. He has had this outfit for well over 20 years so the fact that he still fit into it and looked oh so cute is amazing! Sean just kept saying, "I am so jealous, I want one"! The boys (big boys) as always were having so much fun on the little machines. At first I thought we bought them for the little kids but I quickly found out that they were almost entirely for the big boys and the kids could use them if they happened to be available!