Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No baby yet!

Today me and Ty put together this bouncer my parents brought up on their last visit. Ty thought it was very unfair because Macy already had one in her room so he decided that this one was for him. So after we put it together he jumped right in it said he needed a blanket and just sat there unwilling to get out! So we may not have a baby yet but at least Ty is making good use of her new toys!
I have been having to have non stress tests every week for about the last month because she is measuring really small so when I went on Monday and they said my amnionic fluid was only an 8 (which most of the time if it drops below 7 a lot of doctors will induce) I really got my hopes up that at my appointment later that day they would say it is time to induce you! I was wrong! My doctor is out of town so I saw his daughter who is also in his office. She said I was not ready and I would just have to wait until next week and see my regular doctor when he gets back on the 30th. My due date is the 28th so as you can imagine I am not very happy about the situation! I am trying to be patient but the thought of going past my due date is killing me! Any ideas of some great ways to make me go into labor on my own? I am very open to any suggestions!

Painting pumpkins

Last night for family night we painted, or I should say Sean and Ty painted pumpkins! Ty thought it was the greatest thing ever. It is so much fun to see how he is getting so grown up and starting to figure out the fun activities that go along with each holiday. I can not believe he is going to be four in four days! Where has all the time gone!

BYU vs. New Mexico Homecoming

We had another great experience tailgating for the New Mexico game. We had yummy roast with homemade rolls and lots of good treats, salsas, pizza, you name it! Before the homecoming game they always have a parade that goes right past where we camp so we woke up and got all bundled up and went out to watch the parade! Even though it was the very end of the parade route we still managed to collect a lot of candy! The weather was so cold but we still had a lot of fun! Madi and Kayla slept over with us so Ty was entertained the entire time!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Leather Jacket Boys

The other day Sean had mentioned that since him and Ty were motorcycle riding buddies that it was only logical that Ty needed to have a leather riding jacket to match his. After this brief conversation I didn't think any more about it until the next day Sean comes home with the cutest little jacket for Ty. He looked so cute in it so they instantly got their helmets and jackets on and set off on a ride sporting their new jackets! He is such a great dad! He loves to play with Ty and be a kid himself, we are very lucky to have him!