Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's official!

After 3 years we finally have some exciting news! We are having a baby! This baby is a miracle baby! On New years day I found out that I was pregnant, then 10 days later I started having a miscarriage. I had to wait a month before I could start taking my infertility medicine, but I was told to take a pregnancy test before I started the medicine. Much to my suprise the test was positive, come to find out I had gotten pregnant no more than two weeks after my miscarriage! We went to the doctor today and heard the heart beat for the first time, it was awesome! My parents happened to be in town so they came to the doctor with us! Apparently this baby likes to perform for a crowd! Our kids must be the luckiest kids around both sets of their greandparents love them more than anything, they are always there for us and Ty loves them all so much! They are incredible! My due date is October 28, 2008, only three days after Ty's birthday! Ty is so excited! He was anxious to go hear the baby's "heart bean"! He is going to be such a great big brother!

Camping at Little Sahara

Sandi and Barry have pretty much been begging us to go the Little Sahara sand dunes with them for years. Unfortunatley we have been turning them down for years! So they put together a trip last weekend and we did not have the heart to turn them down again! My entire family went and it ended up being a lot of fun! Friday night was really cold, then Saturday during the day was very nice, but by Saturday evening the temperature dropped drastically and we packed up and headed home early! We had alot of fun riding the 4-wheelers, played in the sand, went sledding down the huge sand hills, the kids got covered in sand head to toe, and just overall had fun! Ty enjoyed very nutritious meals of diet coke and rice krispie treats with M&M's! I am such a great mom when we go camping, whatever he will eat is fine with me! Barry will be happy to know that Sean had a great time riding there and is very anxious to go back!

Easter with the Lamb's

Every year the Lamb's always have two Easter egg hunts, one for the kids which they all love, and the other for the adult money eggs! Sean and his dad seem to think alike and since he hides the eggs every year I suppose Sean has an unfair advantage! This year he found 3 of the 5 eggs, he was so excited! He truly looks forward to it every year!

Easter with the Browns!

The Saturday before Easter my family came over to our house to dye Easter eggs and have a egg hunt for Ty and Emmy. The kids thought it was great! Stacey got here a little late so she was not in the family picture I guess we will have to edit her in somehow!