Friday, November 14, 2008

Like sister like brother

One of the things I have loved about having 2 kids is seeing all of the similarities between the two. I love to watch Macy do things which then brings back so many memories of Ty as a baby. When Ty was a baby he refused the whole swaddling idea, he hated his arms constricted at all and he mostly slept with at least one arm sticking straight up in the air. So yesterday when I found Macy sleeping like this I loved it! Only three weeks old and already so much like her brother!

Ty and Macy

I can not believe Macy is almost three weeks old! We have all been having so much fun with her. Ty is so soft and cute with her. Anytime she cries he runs right over to her and says it's ok big brother is here! It is so cute! At her 2 week appointment she had gained nearly a pound and grew 2 inches! She is eating and sleeping great, we are so lucky!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Baby Cousins

Macy is very lucky! She is going to have 4 cousins her same age! Sandi's little boy Brady was born in July, Wendy's little girl Millie was born 5 days before Macy, Marie is pregnant and her baby is due in May, and Kim is pregnant and her baby is due in June! Babies everywhere, it is going to be so much fun!

Happy Halloween

This year for Halloween Ty wanted to be Spiderman, and I must say I got my moneys worth with this costume. I ordered it online about a month ago and he has put it on at least one time a day every since it got here. He loves it! Sean dressed up as Danny Zuko and looked very cute and Macy wore a little cat shirt. Sean's parents ward was having a Halloween carnival and a trunk or treat so we took him over there. He won the billy bob teeth in the fish pond and thought they were the greatest thing ever! He got a lot of candy and had a great night!

Macy has arrived!

Macy is finally here! She was born on October 27, 2008 she was 6 pounds 10 ounces and 18 inches long. She was alot bigger then we thought she was going to be but it is still amazing to me how small they really are! I started having contractions Sunday night and we went to the hospital about 9:00 am Monday morning. I was not making much progress so they were going to send me home but first they sent me to have my amnionic fluid levels checked and they were low so they decided to just start me. They gave me the oxytocin about 12:00 and by 4:03 pm she was here. It was an easy labor and everything went great. Ty is absolutely loving her, he is very gentle and loving with her. My mom came to stay with us from Wednesday to Friday she was such a huge help it was so sad to see her go. Thanks mom! The first picture is Ty's baby picture, Sean seems to think that they look exactly alike I added that to let you be the judge of that! I have so many pictures to post so this will have to do for now I will post a lot more pictures of her later!

Happy Birthday Ty!

I cannot believe Ty is already four! He is such a fun little boy to have at our house. He is so full of energy and life, all boy that never stops for a single second. We love him so much and are so proud of him! There was a football game the day of his birthday so he was so excited that he was able to have his birthday party at bush camp in the trailer. We had both of our families over to the trailer for Spiderman cake and ice cream. Then some of his cousins slept over at the trailer with us and we let them stay up way to late eating candy and watching movies, but it was a celebration so that makes it all ok! Happy Birthday Ty we love you so much!