Saturday, June 20, 2009

Picture malfunction

I could not get these two pictures to show up in the last post so here they are now! These bows are all priced at $2.00 each!

New Sweetest Bling merchandise


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I have been a huge slacker posting new items from The Sweetest Bling collection, so here are a few highlights of new items I have for sale.
I love the headbands with the flowers attached to them simply because I can wear them too! They are so cute on babies all the way up to adults! They are priced so inexpensively at $4.00 each!
The other stretchy flower headbands are great too, they are so comfortable and stay in place great! They are priced at $3.00 each.
I have always loved the 4th and 24th of July holidays and all of the excitement that goes along with them! Since our neighborhood is literally right in the middle of the 4th of July parade we always have a huge two day party full of activities, food, fun, and did I mention food! It is always a huge hit! I decided that Macy must be fully equipped with a patriotic bow for the festivities and figured that I could not stop there, other people needed them as well! So here you have them! Red, white, and blue bows all priced at $2.00 each (large individual bow or a set of small bows).

Is there a problem with this...

Playhouse fun!

Thank heavens for fun cousins and the playhouse! What would we do without them!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sweets, The Second

Over two years ago when we lived in Salem, we had a cat named Sweets. When the time came to move we could not find her, she was nowhere to be found. Ty was so upset, that we had to tell him that Sweets ran away into the hills. Every time we would go near Salem he would beg us to go looking for Sweets. That was over two years ago that he was lost and still to this day he will talk about Sweets. So last week when he saw a lady giving away her kittens he was so excited, I could hardly say no. So now we are the proud owners of a cute little OUTSIDE kitten, Sweets (or Tiger as Sean calls him)! It took Ty awhile to get used to her, but he loves her now!
Last Sunday we could not find her. I was feeling so bad since she was supposed to stay inside until she got a little bigger but I was having none of that! Anyway we could not find her all day Sunday. Around 4:00 PM a neighbor brought her over claiming they had gotten very drunk the night before and somehow poor Sweets was trapped inside their house all night and all day. So sad, she came home terrified! I must not have felt all too bad about it because I still refuse to let her be in my house! I like Sweets, but I that does not mean I have to let her live in my house or touch her, right?

Fun with Madi and Jase!

We have totally loved living in Provo, but I never imagined how much I would miss living so close to Madi and Jase. They are amazing kids, oh how we miss them! They came and spent a couple of nights with us last week and we had so much fun! We went to Smith's to get some groceries and Ty and Jase loved the shopping carts that were just their size! They raced around the store collecting food and nearly running over every person that came their way!
At our yard sale last week we somehow came home with a cute little kitten that Ty named Sweets. No sooner had Madi arrived that we were in the car headed to Walmart to accessorize the cat. Madi insisted on a blinged out collar, a personalized name tag (which states the proud owners as Ty and Madi), a new bed, and supplies to make the cat toys! She is such an animal lover!
The next day was spent with Madi running around with Ty and Jase entertaining them for hours! I always have to give Shelley a fair warning that there is a very good chance that by letting her kids come over for an extended period of time may very well result in her never getting her kids back! Once we have them here, we never want to give them back! We love you!


My car has been making the most horribly embarrassing sound lately! My dad happened to be in town so I had him take a look. Sure enough the brakes both front and back were shot! So we headed down to the #1 mechanic in Price, my Dad, and being the hero and life saver that he is, he replaced the rotors and pads on my car in no time at all! What would we do without him! He is amazing! Take notice of the pictures, when he said the brakes were bad, he really meant it! Those pads with absolutely nothing left of them came off the back driver side tire. I should have taken a picture of the rotors as well. They are supposed to be perfectly flat and my back brakes had multiple Grand Canyon's running through them!
While I was out "helping" Dad, my wonderful Mom was inside with the kids having a great time! Thanks so much for all you do for us, we love you more than you could ever possibly imagine!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sleeping on Dad

Our kids (and nieces and nephews) always love to fall asleep on Sean! He is obviously a comfortable person to fall asleep with!

Preschool graduation, round one!

Ty has officially graduated from his first year of preschool! His teacher Mrs. Peay was great! He learned so much, made so many cute friends, and had so much fun! We are so proud of you Ty and love you so much! Thanks to all the family that came to support Ty!

Tennis obsession

Ty is just like his dad! When he decides he likes something he wants to be doing it all the time. There is a great spot by our house that Ty and Sean love to go play tennis. Ty wants to go at least twice a day. He developed a huge blister on his hand from playing and he would still not ease up on playing! As you can see in the picture, he even loves to sleep with his tennis racket!

Her first popsicle!

Macy loves treats, I think it is safe to say she is my child!

A very tiring Saturday...

Last Saturday we had a neighborhood yard sale that was very productive and fun! Ty got up early with me to be to the yard sale by 7:00 and he spent the entire day with me running around playing with the neighborhood kids. Needless to say, when we got home he was tired. This is how we found him asleep on the kitchen floor minutes after we got home! What a great helper!

Sand Dunes!

Last week we ventured out to the beloved Little Sahara Sand Dunes. We had a lot of fun! It was the first camping trip of the year, and the first of Macy's life! She did great! Ty is getting so good on his little four wheeler, he even took it up in the big sand dunes this time! He is too big! Ty and Emmy were covered in sand from the second we got there to the second we left and loved every minute of it!