Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas morning!

This year we decided to have matching pajamas, much easier said than done! I searched at every store I could find for pajamas that were the same for the three of us and it was quite a task, the night before we left for price I finally found three pairs that were at least all the same color. Ty thought it was so cool to see us all in the same pajamas! He was so much fun this year since he finally understood the concept of Santa, he loved leaving him cookies and water! The picture of Frank the Combine from cars was Sean's creation. They do not make Frank so Sean had to make it, Ty loved it and I thought he did a great job! After Ty opened the Dinoco Helicopter he could not care less about the rest of his gifts. I quess Santa should have listened and only got the one thing he wanted! We had a great Christmas is was so great to spend so much time with our families, we love them so much and appreciate all they do for us!

Christmas in Price!

We always spend the days leading up to Christmas until Christmas Eve with my family in Price. This year we were extra lucky to be able to go down on Friday and stay until Monday, we had so much fun together. We love to go shoot the guns out in the desert (as we call it!) by my parents house. My parents had a lot of old Christmas glass balls so my dad hiked clear across the snow to put them on the mountain which come to find out was way to far away to shoot especially with the pistols! So Sean went to collect most of them and decorated the closer trees. Between Stacey and Sean, mostly Stacey, the balls did not stand a chance! Stacey hit at least 80% of the balls she has great aim, don't mess with her! Ty thought it was so cool to shoot a real gun!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sean's Sunday nightmare!

We are so lucky to have family so close to always come to the rescue! Jeff, Wendy and Darrin spent all day Sunday helping us clean up the disaster! Ty also was a huge help! He was right in the middle of all the chaos helping out however he could. Today me and Ty spent the morning filling in the huge hole that was dug in our front yard. He had so much fun, I am not sure if he got more dirt on me or in the hole! Thanks to everyone that helped!

Ty's Sunday adventure!

On Sunday morning we were getting ready to go to Chris and Tysen's twin boys blessing but our sprinker system had something else in mind for us that day! Sean went downstairs and heard water rushing and his worst nightmare came to life! One of our sprinker pipes had blown a cap and we had a wall of water shooting out of it which was flooding our basement! We just bought our home a few months ago and we were in the process of trying to find the hidden water shut off valve when the snow hit and covered our lawn, needless to say we did not find it in time! We had to call the emergency water number which was not open (not a great 24 hour emergency number) and they called dispatch to help us shut off the water. By the time we were able to shut off the water the fire department was already on it's way! When the fire truck showed up Ty was in heaven! The firemen were so nice, they picked him up took him for a personal tour of the fire engine! His sunday adventure was Sean's worst nightmare!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas Fun!

Ty was so excited to have his very own Christmas Tree in his room this year! He picked the tree out, put on extra color lights, (with a little help!) picked out and hung his own ornaments, and then the finishing touch was putting his Thomas the Train set around his tree, just like his Dad!
We then thought for family night we would go to the mall and see Santa! We have been telling him that he needs to go tell Santa that he wants the dinoco helicopter for Christmas, he said he would sit on his lap and tell him so off we went! This was not exactly what happened! When we got to the mall he instantly noticed the train they had going around Santa and of course he had to go for a ride on that! Then we went to go see Santa, there was no line so we were able to walk right up to him and as you can tell from the pictures Ty was wanting nothing to do with him! Santa was very nice but Ty never seemed to warm up to him. Right as we were leaving he leaned over and screamed out to Santa, "I want the Dinoco helicopter!" Ty thought the trip was a success, he got to ride on the train, have very little interaction with Santa, and he was able to tell him what he wanted for Christmas! We had a great night!
Sean and Ty love their trains! Every year Sean gets more and more anxious to set up the tree when in reality it is all about setting up his precious train! Ty has been doing very good this year at being nice to the train and not destroying it!


This year for Thanksgiving we went to my parents house. My mom got some cute turkey hat projects for the kids to make, they loved them! We are still actively potty training so notice one again that Ty is not clothed in this picture, infact he is rarely ever dressed these days! I am happy to say we are making huge strides in the potty training department!

Ty heading to the BYU football game!

Ty loves to go to the BYU football games! He loves Cosmo and singing the fight song. We knew that the game was going to be cold so we got out some warm clothes for him and then he had to pack his cars suitcase to go to the game. He packed 3 cars, treats, games, and lots of extra warm clothes for himself as well as his mom and dad! He was very disappointed when we would not let him take it into the game! Luckily BYU won and the whole night was a success!