Friday, March 21, 2008

Las Vegas!

Every year since we have been married we have gone to the Mountain West basketball tournament in Las Vegas. This year we decided to leave Ty home. Sandi and Barry were so nice to be willing to take him for the entire 5 days, he had so much fun! We went down with Chris and Tysen who also left all three of their kids home. We did not do a whole lot besides watch basketball but we were able to just relax and enjoy the warm weather! We stayed at a place called Loew's Lake Vegas Resort in Henderson. We had heard that it was really nice so we decided that even though it was about 20 minutes from the strip it would be worth it. We had a good time enjoying our freedom and being kidless but by the time it was time to come home we were ready to have Ty back home!

Dad's little helper!

The other day Sean needed to go to one of our rentals and fix a problem, which just for the record he has become quite the handyman, he seems to be able to fix anything! I had a cold I could not seem to get over and so Ty was so sick of being stuck in the house in bed with me so he insisted on going with Sean! He was in pajamas that the top did not even match the bottoms and then he insisted on wearing his blue rainboots to complete the outfit, he looked so cute! They were walking out the door when Ty remembered he did not have his tools like his dad so he ran upstairs grabbed his bucket full of tools and raced off to be with his dad, they have so much fun together! He seems to be liking his dad more than me these days, I am not liking that at all!

Boys will be boys!

Ty is such a boy! The porters were over the other day to watch American Idol with us and next thing we know Brock says to Ty, "let's go take our shirts off and wrestle!" They had so much fun! It is great for Ty to have a guy friend to play with, he is always wanting to wrestle and his cute girl cousins don't seem to think it is so fun!