Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The highlight of the trip!

On Ty's birthday we decided to go to MGM studios and see Lightning McQueen he absolutely loved it! When he first saw him and Mater drive up he had a smile that literally went from ear to ear he was so excited! They are life size cars that actually drive, it was really cool!


Sean's parents decided to take the whole family to Disney World for the week! We had so much fun! Ty was so excited for the airplane, he sat looking out the window at the big, big, big, hugemongous airplanes the entire time we were at the airport. He was convinced we were going to take Jeremy the airplane from Thomas and Friends! We bought him some cars sunglasses the first day and he thought he was so cool wearing them he wore them for the majority of the trip! We were able to celebrate his birtday at Disney World and they made him feel like a king! Ty and his cousin Jase are best buds! They love to play together, and most of all create extreme chaos!

Happy Birthday Ty!

We celebrated Ty's birthday the night before we left on our trip to Disney World! Both of our families were able to come so the party was a success! We always have so much fun when we all get together! Ty loves Lightning McQueen so he loved to have that as his birthday cake! He insisted on cake with candy in it and cherries on the top, he also asked for M&M's in the cake and strawberries on the top as well, but somehow we managed to avoid that! I can't believe he is already 3!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ty's early birthday present

Ty has developed a new obsession with trains so when his cousin Christopher brought over his train table and trains that he didn't want anymore he was so excited! He has been playing with and rearranging the train tracks, villages, and people constantly he loves it!

Sean's Birthday

Sean turned 33 a few weeks ago so we decided to celebrate by going to lunch to Brick Oven and then coming home to watch the BYU vs. New Mexico game. Luckily they won so it turned out to be a great birthday!