Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We have been attempting to do the potty training thing and it is not going that well! He went to the store and picked out Cars underwear and had to have them on! He decided they would be cute on the outside of his pajamas! Don't kids look so cute when they attempt to dress themselves!

Ty and his cars!

Ty has become obsessed with the Cars movie and the Cars toys! He loves them, he takes at least one car with him everywhere we go! He loves to put things in lines so as you can see in the picture the cars are clean and in perfect lines!

Our new house!

In June we decided to pack our bags in the country and move to the big city of Provo! We have lived here for just about three months and we really like it! We miss our old friends and neighbors and living by Jase and Madi, but other than that we really love our new house!

Tailgating season has arrived!

After 8 years of marriage I have finally come to accept that BYU football rules our lives the last few months of every year! We have really gotten into tailgating at each home game the past few years. We pull our trailer over to the designated trailer parking lot on Friday night and spend the night there, we then wake up and start the cooking for the tailgate party! We always have great food and company! If you have yet to join us for one of our tailgate parties consider this an open invitation to join us at anytime, we always love to have new people!