Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ty and Dad doing "Boy things"

Yesterday Ty wanted to go ride his 4-wheeler, so him and Sean set out to find the perfect riding spot. In the neighborhood we live in there are not too many places to go that seem legal, but Sean seemed to find one that works! They went to this parking lot and spent so much time there doing lap after lap after lap. Ty is getting really good at driving by himself, he goes way to fast for my liking, but Sean keeps assuring me that he is fine. I guess at some point I have to let him grown up a little and also allow him to do crazy boy things with his dad! I had to go to a baby shower today and when I came home I found the two of them in the same parking lot only this time Sean was on his motorcycle doing laps with Ty, it was so cute. It is so much fun to see how Ty is starting to love everything his dad does and wants to spend every second he can with him! The last picture is Ty pouting doing his mad face because Sean and I simply wanted to eat before going over to the parking lot to ride for the 10th time of the day! He is such a strong willed and determined little boy!

Baby Brady

This post is very late since I did not have any good pictures of him, but this is Sandi's little boy Brady! He was born on July 7, 2008 and Emmy is convinced he is the greatest thing around! He really is super cute and a great baby! Sandi was having a really rough time for awhile from the c-section but is doing a lot better now thankfully! I must admit having him around makes me so anxious to get our little one here newborns are alot of work, but so much fun! I could hold him all day!

American Fork Canyon

We went camping last weekend with my family up American Fork Canyon and had so much fun! The place we camped was awesome, it was right by the river which made me a little nervous at first but the kids did great! The second day Ty fell into the little pond that had been damed off from the river and thought it was pretty fun even though it was freezing cold! The first day it rained alot, so we spent a lot of time in the trailer but we still managed to have a great time. The water in the river and little pond was so cold, the adults could hardly stand to put their feet in let alone their whole bodies, but the kids loved it and spent a lot of time cooling off in the pond. We also found a lot of great riding trails and the kids had a great time on their 4-wheelers. As we were loading up the 4-wheelers to come home Ty jumped on his and loaded it into the trailer all by himself, he was so proud of himself!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Last day at the lake

My parents have always had a boat since the time I was five and today they sold their boat! I have so many priceless memories of days on the lake with my family! As they family has gotten older and bigger it has been really hard to get us all together to go spend time together on the lake so the boat was just not getting used. So unfortunately today was the last day on the lake with Grandpa and Grandma for us! We had a lot of fun today we went to Huntington and basically watched Ty go on the tube! I attempted to go on the tube and it was much harder to stay off my belly than I thought, so my ride lasted all of about 15 seconds! Ty took a turn with Grandpa and Grandma and then decided he needed to go by himself. He was basically weightless on the tube so he ended up falling off and was so brave to just float there in the water and wait for someone to come get him. I was very happy to finally know for sure that the life jacket really will hold him up! He was so cute when we got him in the boat, he said, "mom it is really hard to talk under the water, I was trying to say mom help me, but I could not do it under the water." I was glad to see that he got back on the tube and did it again! He is such a trooper! Thanks for a great few days mom and dad! We love you!

Adventure to the Helper Parkway

Ty and I decided to go to Price for a couple of days to visit Grandma and Grandpa. I had not been to the Helper Parkway for a long time and I figured Ty would love it, which he did! We walked along the trail, walked over the swinging bridge with the water running underneath, walked through a long tunnel and up a huge flight of stairs. Needless to say their was no need for a workout that morning. Ty has an amazing amount of energy, he never stops! He ran everywhere we went, and beat us everywhere we went. He loves to take pictures of people and wanted a picture of what he refers to as my big belly where Macy lives, isn't that a lovely picture! We had a lot of fun and all went home and took a nap to recover from our workout!

Flaming Gorge Reunion

Over the 24th we headed up to Flaming Gorge for Sean's family reunion, we had so much fun! Sean, Ty and I went up a night before his family and stayed at Steinacker Lake, this was the first time the three of us have gone camping since I can remember (except of course for our nights together in the trailer tailgating)! Ty and Sean went fishing the next morning and caught some fish which Ty thought was pretty cool. The next day his family got up there and we spent the majority of the day just having fun in the mountains. The next day we went on the Dam tour which Ty loved! Then we all went river rafting which was also great fun! The day was pretty overcast and it rained on us for awhile which was a great break from the super hot days we were used to. Ty loved the rapids (or rabbits as he called them) and kept asking when we were going to go over more! Sean caught another fish literally at the very end of the river which all the kids thought was great! We played at Flaming Gorge on a great beach and Ty, Sean, Darby and Kayla did some cliff jumping. I was surprised at how much Ty loved to cliff jump especially into the water which was not warm! The kids all had a great time together as they always do and kept each other very entertained! It is amazing the creative things kids can come up with to do, oh to be a kid again!

Camping with Grandpa and Grandma

Every summer my parents take Ty and Emmy on a camping trip that Ty calls a "kid party," which according to him means no parents allowed! They generally go to Joe's Valley but this year they went up Spanish Fork Canyon. They had a great time! My parents are so cute with the kids, and the kids just adore them! But then again who would not adore someone that did anything you asked at anytime and never said no to you! They went for many walks, looked at the river, watched the trains and had a fantastic marshmallow dinner! Thanks for taking Ty, he had a great time!