Friday, February 27, 2009

Brother and Sister

I just love to watch these two together! We had wanted Ty to have a sibling for so long and now that he finally has one it is so much better then I could have imagined! I hope they will be close and can be the best of friends forever!

A Superhero fan in training

Ty was so excited to have a sister who he could play with at anytime. She is just barely starting to hold onto things so of course the first thing she is handed is a Spiderman toy from Ty! He loves to play superheroes all the time and now that he feels like Macy is playing with him, he could not be happier!

Mystery desk

The other day I went into Ty's room and he had set up multiple chairs each with their own make shift desk in front of it and called it his mystery desks. He had set them up in anticipation of his cute cousins coming over to play. For those of you who do not know, apparently a mystery desk has many special powers to help you be a detective, a doctor, a car fixer, or anything else you could possibly imagine while sitting at the mystery desk. Ty has the greatest imagination, I love waiting to see what he will come up with next!


I have been trying to keep Ty busy the past few months so that the two of us do not go crazy trapped in the house for the winter so I decided to give gymnastics a try! He loved it for the first few weeks and then he just seemed to get bored! He did learn how to do back bends really well as you can see, he was incredible on the balance beam, and loved the uneven bars! It was alot of fun to watch him, but it was time to move on to something else. So why I signed him up for the second session of gymnastics I will never know! I do not think we will make it through!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Macy's first time swimming

We went out to the Lehi swimming pool last Friday for a day of swimming. At first Macy did not exactly know what to think of the whole idea so she cried quite a bit but eventually she figured out it was alright! Of course Ty was extremely disappointed that the big slide was closed but he managed to have a great time regardless. The fun ended as soon as it was time to get the kids showered and dressed, it was complete chaos! Macy was so tired and hungry that she was screaming as loud as I have ever heard her cry for about 15 minutes while I tried to get both the kids dressed and into the car. The way I look at it is that it was really good practice for a summer of Seven Peaks, I have a lot to learn and practice before I am ready to conquer the world of seven peaks two times a week with two kids!


Ty and Emmy

Ty, Kayla, Macy, Millie and Elle Superbowl Sunday after the game

Macy and Millie
I have said this many times in the past but we are seriously so lucky to have so much family so close to us to share our lives with! There is never a shortage of cousins to get wild and crazy with which is exactly what they do! Ty is now 4 years old and we have never yet had to have a babysitter that was not family! It is great, we love them all so much!

The Ty man

Ty has been such an awesome big brother. He is such a huge help and has never for one second seemed jealous of Macy, he is way to busy just loving her. He loves cars, guns, balls, wrestling, fighting and every other boy thing you could imagine. We watched Mulan the other day and next thing I know he comes out riding his horse with the sword attached to it and was pretending to be one of the good soldiers going to save the day. I just love the imagination and creativity of this little boy!

Growing like a weed!

Macy is getting way too big WAY TOO FAST! It is so sad! She is such a great baby and I feel so lucky to have her!