Monday, May 12, 2008

It's a girl!

Last week we found out we are going to be having a baby girl! Ty is so excited! We kept asking him if he wanted a brother or sister and he always said he wanted a baby girl. Before we went to the ultrasound I was prepping him for the fact that it may be a baby boy, he started crying the huge alligator tears and said I only want a sister mom! I tried to explain that we do not get to choose if they are a girl or a boy but he was so sure it was a girl! When we came home and told him it was a girl he was happy but he acted as if it was nothing he did not already know and went on his way playing! I quess they know more than we do!
I have been waiting for my 20 week ultrasound to confirm that it is a girl before I go all out shopping! However, Ty and I went to the BYU bookstore the other day to get him a hat and they had the cute little pink BYU beanie and I could not resist! When Ty was a newborn baby Marie bought Ty a hat just like that but blue, I loved it! So I figured that our little girl has to have one as well!

Mother's Day in Price

Last weekend Sean, Ty, me, and Stacey headed to Price to go visit my parents for Mother's Day. A few weeks ago Ty said, "Mom, did you forget where Grandpa and Grandma Brown live?" I of course said no and asked why he asked that and he said, "well, we have not been there for so long, so I thought you forgot." Needless to say I felt bad about that and planned a trip to visit! We had a very fun and relaxing weekend, we played outside, went for walks and bikerides, went shooting, ate very good food, and just enjoyed each others company! Ty and my dad always seem to find time to take naps together that is what the last picture is of. Ty loves to play baseball so my parents got him a mit and from that point on all he wanted to do was hit and play catch! I am sure I am baised towards him but he is really good, he can hit the ball so far, it is so much fun to watch him!

Tuesdays with the cousins!

Every Tuesday Emmy and Jase come over while their mom's go to work, Ty thinks it is by far the best day of the week. For the most part they all play pretty well together, of course they all take their turns having a melt down, but we get through it! They are loving the warm weather so they can be outside all day! Last week we had a picnic, went for endless walks in the wagon, (which by the way is a great workout, it is hard to pull all 3 of them in it!) and ended the day wrestling in the bounce house! Ty loves his cousins and we are so happy to be so close to them!

Swimming with Grandpa!

My dad had meetings all last week in Salt Lake so we took Ty and Emmy up to his hotel for a night of swimming and pizza they loved every minute of it! Ty is getting a lot better at swimming and he is so much more comfortable just being in the water. He loves to wear his life jacket and swim around the pool he thinks he is so big! I very anxious to get him into swimming lessons this year, if anyone knows of a teacher that is good I would love any recommendations!

Ty's new outfit

Ty has hit a recent growth spurt and all of his church clothes got too small all at once, so Ty and I went out shopping for new clothes. He helped pick most of them out and was so proud of himself! He gets so excited Sunday morning to pick out which new church outfit he will wear that day! He is so much fun!