Tuesday, December 9, 2008


This is my cute Grandma Brown. She is incredible, she has so many wonderful talents and attributes. Macy was blessed with the opportunity to share a birthday with her! My Grandma was born on her grandma's birthday and now Macy is born on her great grandma's birthday, it is so fun!
Sean and I had been going back and forth as to whether or not to give her a middle name. We just kept thinking about how a name can really affect the person you will become. So with Macy being born on her Great Grandma's birthday we decided to give her the middle name of Aileen. We had talked about it right before church and we were still a little undecided so I told Sean to surprise me! As he was up there blessing Macy he paused right before he gave her a name. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was going to happen. Next thing I know I hear Macy Aileen Lamb, I was so excited, it just sounded perfect!
My Grandma has always meant so much to me! If Macy can end up with even a few of my Grandma's traits she will be perfect!

The maker of the dress!

This is Shelley who is Sean's sister. She has started a tradition of making all of her nieces blessing dresses. This dress is so incredible. When she brought it over I had to hold back my tears, it is gorgeous! She spent hours and hours making this dress for Macy and she only gets to wear it once, I am now praying for more girls so it can be used again! Thank you so much Shelley I absolutely love it!

Macy's Blessing

We blessed Macy yesterday and had such a great day. As I was looking around my living room full of family after the blessing I realized how truly blessed we are to have so much family so close to us that are so supportive of everything we do. They never miss anything in our lives and are always there for us! Thank you so much, we love you all!
Sean did such a great job blessing Macy, he gave her an awesome blessing! I am so thankful to have the priesthood in our home, it is such a huge blessing to us in our lives!

Fun pictures

Ty has been completely obsessed with super heroes lately. He loves to get them all out and fight them. I have noticed he always gets to be the hero who saves the day and I always have to be the bad guy like Venom or The Joker, I hope this is not his way of saying that I am a bad guy myself!
The other day I went to get in the shower and Ty wanted Macy to stay out with him to watch a show. Next thing I know I come out and find macy handcuffed to a speaker cord with Spiderman laying by her side. Ty said, "don't worry mom, she's fine, she isn't going anywhere!" She seemed perfectly content so I figured there was no harm done!
Ty loves to have his sister here and wanted her to take a bath with him, so we did. She loved it! She loved being in the deep water and being so warm with Ty, needless to say Ty now wants her in the bath with him everyday!