Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Macy!

I cannot believe she is one! On one hand it seems she has been a part of our family forever, while on the other I cannot believe a whole year has past! She is so sweet, yet fiesty as can be! She has quickly learned that all she needs to do it make a little fuss and she has three people at her becking call ready to assist her in any way! We love you so much miss Mace, Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday TY!

This little boy has been the greatest little adventure ever! He is so full of life, energy, and pazzaz! He is 110% boy and proud of it! Tender hearted, yet tough and unstoppable. He loves any sort of sport you throw at him, camping, 4-wheeling, x-box, superheroes, cars, balls, running, playing, and being with his cousins to name a few! There truly is never a dull moment when he is around. Ty, we love you all the way to Japan, past Jupiter, to the far American South, to the Sand Dunes and back, walking slowly with a car our backs!

Ty's party

Ty had his first official friend party yesterday. I use the term"friend" very loosely since it mainly consisted of all his cousins! He insisted on making his own invitations, planning his own activities and being fully in charge. It turned out to be a lot of fun for the kids even though they did hardly any of the planned activities. Instead they just ran around like a bunch of wild animals having a great time!

Birthday Party at Bush Camp

Ty looks forward to his birthday party at Bush Camp every year, and this year he was so excited to have Macy share his birthday party with him! Ty could not decide on which superhero he wanted as a cake this year so he came up with the idea of having multiple superheroes all on one cake! Just for the record it looked so much cuter in my head! Macy's small butterfly cake was a huge hit for her she ate so much of the cake, way more than a one year old should have! It was so much fun to have the whole family there to celebrate with these two sweet kids!

Random Pictures from the past month

Meet the newest BABY BULLDOG!

These pictures were at the Baby Bulldog open house. He was so excited to go and meet his new teachers and the kids in his class. He loved the little couches and wanted to make sure that Macy tested them out as well. I highly recommend this program, Ty loves all the creative, fun projects they do everyday.

Cute kiddos!

Kissing cousins

Macy loves to kiss her cute cousins!

Babies contained at the tailgate!

I tried for the first few tailgates to keep Macy from crawling all over the asphalt, but I quickly gave up on that! She comes home black from head to toe and completely enjoys herself, so why try to keep her clean! We would lay out a big piece of carpet for them to play on and they would instantly crawl off the carpet and sit right next to it on the asphalt. It was all in vain, they are washable, right?

Ty's first school presentation

I am so behind on this blog it is ridiculous! I will try to post just some of the good highlights! For school Ty was suppose to give a presentation all about his family. I went to watch and was very surprised and proud when he went up all by himself and told all about our little family! Way to go Ty!