Monday, July 20, 2009

Karl Brown Family Reunion

This past weekend my family was in charge of the annual Karl Brown family reunion. We chose an awesome place up the canyon close to Morgan, Utah. We had so much fun! Thanks to everyone that came and we missed all of you that could not be there! The cabin had so many things to do, a huge plush green grass area, places to ride the kids 4-wheelers, volleyball, horseshoes, kickball, basketball, a cement irrigation pool, and great people to name a few! Ty and Emmy loved playing in the cement irrigation swimming pool. I had forgotten Ty's swimming suit so he decided to go in his tighty whities! Needless to say by the time he was finished they were no longer white! They were so dirty bleach would not even make them white again! It was so good to see so many cousins we had not seen for so long and to see some of the newly engaged couple together! I love the picture of Grandma Great, (who truly is GREAT) sun tanning her legs! Thanks Grandma and Jay, we love you!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ty and Jase, a match made in heaven!

These two boys are so much fun together! Ty loves to play rough, wild and crazy all the time! As much as he loves playing with his girl cousins, it is just not the same as having another boy to let loose with! These two will do anything, try anything and love every minute of it! It is so nice to have someone for Ty to play with that I do not have to worry about his all boy personality being a problem, they play so great together!

Happy late 4th of July!

This years festivities started off with Macy having a case of double pink eye, so never mind the half drunk look she has on her cute little face in every picture! Our neighborhood always has the greatest 4th of July block party! It always starts on July 3rd with a huge BBQ, water cannons, food, and fun! This year Sean made his delicious homemade donuts and they were a huge hit! Then next morning started off at 6:00am with the hot air balloons, which Ty thought were very cool, but after the horrible mood the early morning wake up put him in, it will not be happening next year! Next the crepe breakfast and parade! We then went to the Patrick's for fireworks and coconut shrimp,way to go Darrin, it was delicious! Then to end the day we went to watch the stadium of fire fireworks at Westridge Elementary which ended in a huge meltdown with Ty! All and all we had fun, but it was not a relaxing day to say the least!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Birthday pedicures!

On Monday Sandi, Stacey, Mom and me celebrated my Mom's birthday with Pedicures, wedding shopping, and the park! We had so much fun! I love to spend time with my mom and sisters, (you too Dad, we just did not feel that you would be into the whole pedicure thing, no offense)! We went to the mall to the first fitting of Stacey's wedding dress, (she looked beautiful!!!!), then off to the park for lunch and a beautiful butterfly birthday cake that Sandi and Emmy made! Now for the main event, pedicures! Thanks to Marie for watching Ty and Emmy so we could enjoy the pedicures in total peace! What a great day!

Our little golfer

Ty loves to do anything associated with balls. We found this golf club "treasure" as he calls it, and he was immediately outside testing it out. He was good! He instinctively knew to keep his left arm straight, turn his hips and watch the ball! He is such a little athlete, we have yet to find a sport he does not want to play!

Emmy's new headband

Emmy was over playing the other day and wanted to pick out a headband. She looked so cute, and she loved it for all of about two minutes. Then it was tossed aside and wanted no more! I knew with her I had to get a picture instantly, or I never would!