Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gummy Bears vs. Action Figures

This little boy is getting way too big way too fast! I love to sit back and watch him play and be so creative! He picked out a bag of police action figures last time we were at all a dollar. The second we got home with them he was instantly upstairs putting them into groups of police (in straight lines of course) to get them all prepared to fight the dreaded Gummy Bears! Needless to say, the Gummy Bears were quickly taken down by the Action Figures! I did my part of helping Ty make sure the gummy bears were taken care of once and for all by eating them all gone one by one!

Our Little Princess!

We went to the park last Friday with Sandi and Keera and had a great afternoon! Sandi kept giving Macy so many different foods like graham crackers and pizza crust that she was loving and making a huge mess with! It grosses me out when babies are covered in slimy, slobbery food, I can not stand it! So as she was sucking on all of these foods I kept taking the away and cleaning her off just in time for Sandi to give her another food to get all gross again! I need to learn how to deal with a messy eater!

Day at the Park

We love to go to the park, especially the missionary park as Ty calls it! He thinks the statue in front of the park is a missionary and he loves to climb on it and point out all the letters on it, he is getting so smart!
Macy has been enjoying the swings so being the awesome helper that he is, Ty pushed Macy on the swings and made sure she was having a great time! I love summer time!

Ty and Macy

Ty and Macy are so cute together! The other night Ty insisted that Macy was wanting to have a sleep over in his room. He woke up the next morning and he was so concerned when he did not find Macy sleeping by him. She had woken up in the night and somehow made it back to her crib!
Lately while I have been exercising Ty has been "babysitting" Macy. He thinks it is so much fun to cuddle next to her on the couch and play xbox or watch a show! He is such a great big brother!

I love this warm weather!

It is so great to be outside all day! Having a little boy has made me realize all of the many adventurous things there are to do literally right outside my door! I was helping Jackie with a vinyl project so Brock, Hailey, and Emmy were over playing outside, we had a lot of fun! The boys started a water fight which Emmy loved up until the point that someone threw water on her! Apparently she only likes water fights where she is the one (and the only one) throwing the water!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Open house Thursday! Bows, Binky Clips, Bracelets, Headbands and more!

I have had people stopping in to see the The Sweetest Blings inventory randomly so I decided to give the open house style a try! So please feel free to still call and come over anytime, but also know that every Thursday between 12-7 I will be here!
This Thursday will mark the first weekly open house for the Sweetest Bling! I will be having an open house every Thursday starting at 12:00 PM-7 PM at 231 South 100 East in Provo.

The Sweetest Bling has everything you need to accessorize your little one at a price you can afford! We have everything you need including flower bows, binky clips, headbands, bracelets, bow holders, and more! Check out my blog at: for more information!


Flower Bows
❀2" Pair of Bows- $2.50 each
❀3" Bows- $2.00 each
❀3.5" Bows- $2.50 each
❀4" Bows- $2.50 each
❀4.5" Bows- $3.00 each
❀5" Bows- $3.00 each

Nylon Headbands
❀SNAG RESISTANT unlike headbands made from regular nylon!
❀Black or White- $2.25 each

Crochet Headbands
❀Designed for infants as well as toddlers
❀White or Black- $2.00 each

Pink Crochet Headbands- $1.50
❀Designed with your infant in mind to fit your newborn up to approximately 6 months
❀Also designed to fit dolls including the All American Dolls so your child and doll can have matching headbands and bows, a huge hit with the kids!

Crochet Hats
❀White- $3.50 each

Binky Clips
❀3/8" or 5/8" ribbon only- $2.25 each
❀3/8" ribbon with flower- $3.25 each
❀5/8" ribbon with flower- $3.50 each
❀Glass or cats eye beads with silver plated beads and matching bracelet- $9.00 per set
❀Swarovski Crystals binky clip with Swarovski Crystals matching bracelet- $12.00 per setBracelets
❀Genuine Swarovski Crystals with silver plated beads bracelet- $4.00 each
❀Cats eye or glass beads with silver plated beads bracelet- $3.00 each
❀Stretchable wood and silver plated beads bracelet- $2.00 each
❀Stretchable cat's eye and silver plated beads bracelet- $2.00 each

Flower Bow Holder❀$4.00 each

❀Special orders available upon request❀
(801) 318-3396

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Playhouse fun!

I love to have the nieces and nephews over, they always have so much fun, mingled with a bit of fighting! The kids love the playhouse Sean built and want to spend every second in it! It is so nice to have the sod and no more dirt!

Macy and Grandma Brown

Grandma and Grandpa Brown came and stayed with us last weekend and we had so much fun! I loved these pictures of Macy snuggling grandma! I think my kids have got to be the luckiest kids in the whole world to have two sets of incredible grandparents that love them so much!

Nigh out with Allison

I do not get to spend nearly as much time as I would like to with Allison! Who is lucky enough to have their best friend as long as you can remember also be your cousin! We went rollerblading on the Provo River Parkway and had a ton of fun! Thanks for helping me remember how much I love to rollerblade! This will surely turn into a weekly tradition for us!

Season one of soccer has come to an end

Ty's first experience with soccer has come to an end! It started off horrible to say the least but by the end of the season he was loving it and playing so good. He was so cute as he would run around the field with a huge smile on his face giggling the whole game! I love this stage of life as he begins to play sports and look forward to watching him play countless games of all kinds in the future!