Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Macy!

I cannot believe she is one! On one hand it seems she has been a part of our family forever, while on the other I cannot believe a whole year has past! She is so sweet, yet fiesty as can be! She has quickly learned that all she needs to do it make a little fuss and she has three people at her becking call ready to assist her in any way! We love you so much miss Mace, Happy Birthday!


April said...

I can't believe she is one either! I hope you had fun celebrating every ones b-day . Lots of b-days for you in the fall huh?

Hendrickson Family said...

I cannot wait until I can hold her and smooch on her without her putting up her FUSS. I love her. It's hard when a baby loves their mother so much. :-( In a good way I guess.

John and Allison said...

So Exciting! Tell her Happy Birthday for me! Love you guys!